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Chicken Barbecue!

06.11.2017:   Barbecue Chicken Dinners from the Knights of Columbus!

Ordinations to the Permanent Diaconate

06.10.2017:   Diaconal Ordinations on June 10

Sacrament of Confirmation

06.04.2017:   The Sacrament of Confirmation is administered on Pentecost Sunday, June 4!

Ordinations to the Priesthood and Diaconate

05.27.2017:   Two priests and one deacon will be ordained!

Pot Luck Fiesta!

05.15.2017:   We're having a Pot Luck Fiesta! Ole!

First Holy Communion

05.07.2017:   First Holy Communion will be celebrated this Sunday!

Organ Concert

05.03.2017:   Mr. Simon Johnson of St. Paul's Cathedral in London, England, will perform here!

The Cathedral Evening!

04.29.2017:   Join us on Saturday, April 29, for An Evening at the Cathedral!

"Tootsie Roll" Drive

04.22.2017:   Knights of Columbus raise funds to assist St. Mary's Home for the developmentally challenged in Alexandria

Outdoor Way of the Cross

04.14.2017:   An ecumenical prayer experience, remembering Jesus' own Way of the Cross and the sufferings of far too many throughout the world today

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