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Interested in our Church? Want to Become Catholic?

Are you thinking about becoming Catholic?  Do you wonder if you are 'worthy' or 'holy' enough? Do you wonder what is involved in joining the Catholic Church and community?  Are there tests? Or are you a member of another religion and want to know what it is that Catholics believe perhaps differently?  Is your spouse or friend a faithful Catholic whose way of life and peace of mind impress you?  And do you want that same sense of fulfillment?

We will address these questions for you here at the Cathedral through our educational and liturgical process well known as RCIA.  To become a Catholic an adult prepares for and undergoes Christian Initiation.  This process includes a number of steps and moments of prayer known as the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults or RCIA.

The RCIA process seeks to share the doctrines and practices of the Roman Catholic Church. Participation is wholly voluntary, and no one is expected to make any promises or commitment until one is ready to do so. There is no charge or expected donation for participation. Anyone simply interested in learning more about the Faith is encouraged to register and attend.

Each individual's journey of Faith is intensely personal. For this reason each enquirer soon receives a Catholic 'Sponsor," whose prayers, example, companionship and sharing help in the discernment of a call to Catholicism.

What is RCIA?

The Rite of the Christian Initiation for Adults is the official process by which adults and older teenagers perpare for Baptism or full initiation into the Roman Catholic Church. It involves several stages, each intended to acquaint one with the truth of the Catholic Faith and the practice of the Catholic religion.

Who may participate?

Any adult or teenager over 14 years of age who is interested in learning more about the Catholic Church and its teachings may participate in the RCIA. An enquirer is not asked to commit to becoming Catholic, merely to be honest and open about finding out more. Participants are expected to embrace a Christian lifestyle as formation in the faith continues. In time, a decision is made both by the Church and the individual whether or not to become Catholic.

What is involved?

Formation within the RCIA typically extends a number of months at least. This ensures a properly-informed decision about becoming a Catholic. An individual's journey typically begins in the fall and culminates at Easter. Throughout the RCIA process one prayerfully attends the Sunday Mass, makes some daily commitment of time and prayer, attends weekly informational sessions most Tuesday evenings, and goes to other occasional special events.

If the enquirer decides to become a Catholic, certain special moments of prayer are especially emphasized: a Rite of Welcome, a Rite of Election, and the Celebration of Christian Initiation (conferring Baptism if needed, and Confirmation and Eucharist).

For more information or to begin the RCIA process, please contact us here and tell us your name, address, email address, and daytime phone number so we may correspond with you.  It is important to let us know if you  are single, widowed, divorced or currently in your first, second or other marriage.  We will also need to know your level of exposure to the Church - are you baptized but non-practicing? baptized as Christian but not Catholic? never been baptized?


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